Well-Being for cancer patients, made simple

Most health technology in the home is well-intentioned, but hard to use and doesn't improve outcomes in the long run. Find out why ours is different.

Designed for Patients

The platform is designed to address the challenges of medication reminders, behavioral support, loneliness, and mind-body-spirit synergy. It features a secure pill dispenser, a digital wellbeing home hub, and a smart mirror that displays progress, reminders, and AI-driven insights from your personalized digital avatar.

Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Smart Mirror with 24/7 support from @MYSYNC

Your own digital twin is aware of your condition and needs and is there to support you 24/7. You design and customize your avatar during the onboarding process.

Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Closed-loop medication reminders

Receive a timely printouts of medication or other care plan reminders using the provided in-home printer. Gain experience points when you scan the QR code using the provided barcode scanner which also closes the loop with your care team to indicate you took the medication.

Wednesday, July 24, 2024
7h 38m  10:46am  12:56am
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Track your progress

Connect to your provider's lab feed as well as any home health monitor via Bluetooth and track your progress over time.

Designed for Providers

With white-labeled branding and advanced consumer digital experiences, your patients feel supported by your practice, and at the same time give you real-time insights into progess and challenges.

  • Home Hub is a N-of-1 FIHR EHR

    The digital Home Hub uses the latest industry capabilities to keep your patient data managed locally and integrated into your EHR using FIHR. Fully HIPAA compliant.

  • Provider workflow centric

    No new interfaces to learn, the OffGrid Home Hub integrates directly into your existing workflows.

  • White label branding

    Brand the program, physical equipment and information displays with your enterprise brand to build patient and prospect loyalty, while offering cutting edge technological support that gets out of the way when needed

  • Timely reminders at a distance

    See your care plan actioned in real time throughout the period between clinic visits. Get closed loop notifcations of compliance or non-compliance.

  • Encrypted, scalable and secure.

    The digital home hub works in rural communities without strong internet bandwidth, and by keeping all data local and encryped gives patients the privacy they are looking for; advanced generative AI models run directly on the local device.

  • Reimbursement ready

    With remote patient monitoring (RPM) and closed-loop interfaces with behavioral health and other providers, implement Care Collaboration Models and RPM reimbursement strategies

Join our MVP Pilots

We're seeking thoughtful and innovative health system partners to take this product to small pilot groups of patients. Please click the button below to learn more and schedule a demo

Designed for care-givers

Most healthcare capabilities are organized around the patient and the provider only. Ours is different. We recognize the unique role of family, colleagues, and other care-givers both in terms of the support they can provide patients in need, as well as navigating their own life burdens. See some of the representative comments below.

Pricing to fit your budget

Whether you represent a single clinic, a health system, or are an individual care-giver we can work with you to match the capabilities to your needs.

Rx Adherance Starter

You want the minimum devices needed in the home to improve and track medication and appointment adherance

  • 300 DPI High Speed Reminder Printer
  • Professional 2D barcode scanner
  • Six button dynamic input device
  • OffGrid Home Hub
  • Well-Being Home Checkup and Installation
  • Daily EHR udpates
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Well-Being Standard

You want a holistic well-being solution that with a custom AI avatar to provide engaging support 24/7 using smart mirror technology

  • 300 DPI High Speed Reminder Printer
  • Professional 2D barcode scanner
  • Six button dynamic input device
  • OffGrid Home Hub
  • Well-Being Home Checkup and Installation
  • Real-time EHR updates
  • Smart Mirror with custom AI avatar
  • 100 dance routines and XP gamification
  • Temperature and O2 sensor integration
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Well-Being Pro

You want the highest efficacy for your patients, providers and family. Our most complete bundle with roadmap updates when available.

  • 300 DPI High Speed Reminder Printer
  • Professional 2D barcode scanner
  • Six or Twelve button dynamic input device
  • OffGrid Home Hub
  • Well-Being Home Checkup and Installation
  • Smart Mirror with custom avatar
  • Unlimited sensor integration
  • Advanced Generative AI for 24/7 support
  • Cancer support library and Tumor ResearchWatch™
  • Care-giver home and mobile dashboards
  • Population health dashboards
  • Behavioral health counselor support for patient and care-givers
  • Avatar-based “no-look” video telehealth
  • Opt-in HD video telehealth

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What problem are you solving?

      Chronic diseases make up 75% of all healthcare spending. One out of every two chronic disease medications is missed, which means much of this spending is wasted or exacerbated by hospital admissions, re-admissions and high end-of-life costs. Navigating the health care system remains as complex today as it ever was.

    • Who is behind this?

      OffGrid was started by three high school students who saw their own father diagnosed with a late-stage terminal cancer. They started researching and innovating, trying to find ways to improve the outcomes for patients with chronic conditions like cancer. Through a lot of trial and error, they eventually came up with the product we have today today and then assembled a team of industry experts to take to market.

    • Where is OffGrid based?

      Our corporate offices are in Austin, Texas and our product development and partnership development are based in Nashville, Tennessee.

    • What is the solution?

      It's a home hub that provides personalized support to patients 24/7. The device includes a smart mirror that greets you and provides insights into your health, helping you along your unique treatment program. It connects through Bluetooth to devices patients already have in their homes, such as scales, heart monitors, Apple Watches, keto monitors, breath monitors, and more. Our device also includes closed-loop Rx reminders that make taking medication incredibly easy.

    • Who is this platform for?

      There is a significant unmet demand for a solution like ours from health systems, big pharma, insurers and care-givers. We’re launching first with health systems in the oncology space.

    • Are there any age restrictions on using the platform?

      The platform is designed for all ages; certain features are available in the pediatric market with parental consent for both under 13s and over 13s. There is no upper age limit, our platform has been designed to let technology get out of the way and be as simple and delightful for all consumers.

    • What is the pricing model?

      We charge a nominal implementation fee that covers all the hardware, installation costs and a well-being home checkup for every patient. Then we add a Per Member Per Month fee to compensate us for the platform and continued support.

    • What is the value proposition?

      The cost of the platform is offset by shared savings that everyone will receive because our product results in reduced costs, improved outcomes and a delightful user experience.

    • Are you for-profit?

      We are incorporated as a Social Benefit Corporation or B-Corp. Our mission is to create a time when well-being is accessible to everyone.

    • Are you seeking investment funding?

      The company is currently funded by friends and family and strategic business partners. Please contact us if you are a qualified investor and interested in learning more.